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Reflection On: WDA Divination Pride 2023

I am still unpacking the Lenormand event that was the subject of my last post (Reflection On: WDA Lenormand Summit 2023). But I couldn’t miss the WDA’s Charity DivinationPRIDE event this past weekend.

It was packed with 21 online sessions covering a multitude of methods and systems, including:

  • How Actor Warm-ups Can Improve Your Readings
  • La Loteria: A Brief History and Guide for Divination
  • LGBTQ+ In the Cards
  • Master Your Journey with Runes
  • Your Living Sigil
  • Get Comfortable with the Gypsy Card
  • Introduction to the Oracle Belline
  • Reversals: Looking at the Flip Side

The sessions are recorded, and if you pay a little extra, you have lifetime access (as long as FB/Teachable hosts them – some events are stored only on FB in a private group).

I mention they are recorded as I need to either watch a couple I skipped at the time due to the need for food/sleep or rewatch to add to my notes. And it’s good to know that if you join the weekend, you’ll have a chance to catch up and rewatch them if needed.

The event started with Toni Savory using The Siren’s Song: Diving the Depths  (the deck set she co-created with Carrie Paris &  Tina Hardt). It’s a combined Lenormand & Kipper Cards set.

Toni showed us how to create a relationship box spread by combining the Lenormand and Kipper cards. I’m keen to see how mixing the decks will work. I have The Siren’s Song on the way, but you could mix Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand and his Fe De Siècele Kipper as they are the same size and contain a similar art style.

And mixing systems, either mashing them together or knowing more than one, became a tool for growth throughout the weekend.

We had run-throughs of how individuals work with runes, Oracle Belline and Gyspy* Cards. I ordered a copy of the Oracle Belline after María Alviz Hernando‘s session and booked myself onto her WDA’s Master the Oracle Belline with confidence and accuracy. The use of planets in that system fascinates me. She’s also selling her edition of the Oracle Belline (her has the links to MPC and PrinterStudio). I admit I went for the classic Grimaud edition, which was quicker to obtain.

Being seen is a big part of Divination Pride, and Malkiel Dietrich shared how he makes it easy to add LGBTQ+ recognition to several card systems. I’d never thought about sitters with multiple love interests, but he had those covered for each system, with the Gypsy* Cards giving the most options for male partners.

Speaking of covered, Albert R Juarez’s, aka, presentation was called Your Living Sigil, and he provided a tool for personal empowerment.

It was joyous to see another presentation on Lenormand by Anthony Carter; you can find him on TikTok as @carterscartomancy

Tarot didn’t get forgotten with Stella Boheme, Joe Montele, Lisa Papez, Mitchell Osborn, Ben Tomlin and others refreshing the tarot tool kit.

One of the presentations I need to watch is The Art of Divination by Rana George. It was a 2-hour interactive session, but I’m sure it will be as influential on replay.

I have taken so much joy from this weekend; I have more to come as I catch up.

The card I pulled for the weekend was bang on.

My card pull represents my Divination Pride experience

I am grateful to all the speakers for sharing their knowledge, the WDA crew for making it look seamless, and my fellow attendees who made it such a fun experience.

When is the next one???

This year’s event charity was OutRight Action International with speakers donating their fees to them.

Outright International works with partners around the globe to strengthen the capacity of the LGBTIQ movement. We document and amplify human rights violations and advocate for inclusion and equality.

*I am using the title Gypsy cards as their known name; if I could substitute it quickly, I would.