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Show and Tell: OceanDry Tarot

Note: I am illustrating this post with a series of Daily Card Spells I’ve done with this absolutely magickal deck.

The OceanDryTarot is now on Sale

I have been fan of The OceanDry Tarot since Colin shared images on his Instagram (@oceandry).

I have been very privileged to own a prototype and I was in awe of the creativity and depth behind the imagery from the beginning when Colin first started sharing images on Instagram.

I am so very pleased say that it’s NOW ON SALE and available to the world via the print on demand service thegamecrafter.

Reasons to get this deck as given by its creator include:

  •  Major Arcana tells a new “Fool’s Journey”
  •  Created using an interlocking system of 10 colors
  •  Free of human figures for abstraction and inclusion

I agree 100% with the above.

Colin has also done an excellent series of YouTube videos exploring this new ‘Fool’s Journey’ that sits behind the numbering of the Majors in the OceanDry.

The journey is a new story based on the Majors.

The story in OceanDry is much different. It begins with the Sun and ends with the Moon. It’s the story of a hero wandering an endless desert only to have their entire reality shattered through knowledge. 

The OceanDry Tarot Guidebook

Colin’s video below tells the story of the hero as he wanders the desert, and if this doesn’t convince you to buy it, I’m not sure what will.

Set aside 30 minutes, give it a listen/watch, and relax as Colin tell you the tale behind the OceanDry.

It’s not just a visually stunning deck. It’s a Tarot whose whole visual design has been fundamentally tied into the meanings of each card. And colour plays just as an important a role as the story.

For example: the entire deck is created from 10 colours:

  • Grey
  • Emerald
  • Lime
  • Cyan
  • Sapphire
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow 

Each suit is created using 5 colours. Each colour symbolizing something specific. The colours can be added together like a maths problem to help inform your reading of the cards. Colin goes into a deeper and expansive explanation in the guidebook for the deck

Each card’s description in the LWB has examples of this “colour maths” and this is the first half of cardspell above.

2 of Disks – change | discretion | alternating Two disks form opposite poles in fields of color. Their positions oscillating back and forth in rapid attempts to interpret the plans of the Ace. Lime expedites and encourages plans to form, while red halts and offers careful consideration. Pink bursts form each disk, showing that each approach is just as valid. The pink disks symbolize the fruitfulness of balanced action. 

Guidebook for the OceanDry Tarot

To find out more about the colour system, watch Colin’s explanation video:

OceanDry’s Colour System Broken Down.

The Majors get a slightly different treatment as get the cards place in the story, a reflection on the image and a ‘divinatory’ meaning.

The OceanDry Tarot Guidebook

11 Judgementvision | revelation | overwhelming

on Story – A fever dream sets in as the poison of the plants courses through your veins. Suddenly you are on the sea. The sun blazing gloriously over the horizon. In the distance, a boat floats on
the water’s surface. The vision is intense and overwhelming. The heat of the sun blasting your face alongside the wind whipping over the surface of the water. The distant boat constantly
draws your attention as you do everything in your power to approach it.

on Image – The sun blazes in the sky, rays of geometry overwhelming the senses and overriding
the night from Hermit. Complex geometry draws the hero towards what will be a boat on the
horizon of the ocean. The symbol of fire encases the geometry symbolizing the fever dream and the intensity of the vision.

on Learning – A breakthrough or flash of genius. Writing a complex formula without knowing how to solve it.

The OceanDry Tarot Guidebook

I can’t recommend this deck highly enough. If you just want a pip-ish deck with amazing art. The OceanDry gives you that. If you want an alternative to the Fool’s Journey. Oh boy, do you get it. Do you want to feel depth and meaning in your readings from the colours and placement of the items in the image? Just lay the cards and be enchanted,

If you answer to any of the above is yes, then why haven’t you ordered a copy of already.

What do you think, is this a deck for you?

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