State of the Cardation

My favourite, and almost exclusive* form of divination and fortune telling is cartomancy. Tarot is my go to system and I’ve been reading tarot for over 20 years. Though I did have a break in the in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Coming out of that break in 2014 introduced me to Lenormand, and opened the floodgates to other forms of cartomancy.

The Hermes Playing Card Oracle/sun and moon/The Muse/The New World Tarot

I love Lenormand readings as they give short snappy answers. It was a deck called the Burning Serpent Oracle by Rachel Pollack and Robert M. Place that I backed on Indigogo that reignited the divination flame. And in the last few years there has been some great books, decks and courses on the subject (and I’ll probably mention more of those in future posts).

My Introduction to Lenormand

I’ve also discovered I enjoy other playing card based decks like the Open Portals Oracle, Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle. Cartomancer, Poker Deck (2nd Kickerstarter) as well as a small number of oracles and sibilla decks.

I haven’t had chance to use The Arcana of Astrology yet

Speaking of Kickstarter, so many great creations are being made possible due to direct crowd funding. And I try an back all the ones that take my fancy. Though they might not stay with me, it’s great to see them get over the line and into the world at large.

The negative aspect of Kickstarter and other wonderful decks being on the market is not being able to spend time with them all. So I’ve been downsizing my collection quite significantly for over a year or two, but that’s a post for another day.

One of the positive impacts of having fewer decks is being able to spend quality time with decks that I have either been working with rarely or that I’ve wanted to work more with but never picked up.

For the last year or so, I pull two cards to create a #cardspell as inspired by T. Susan Chang (you can read more about it in Tarot Spells: Make Magic from Your Card of the Day). And usually I jump between decks (looking back on the readings there is a core that I seem to go for but never for days at a time). Last month, for some subconscious reason, I decide to only usee the Alchemical Tarot Renewed 4th Edition for the whole month.

There was a lot of repeat cards, especially the 4 of Swords, which the Alchemical focuses on the grounding effect of the swords. It was a bit surreal the number of repeat cards considering the steps I take to make sure the cards are selected randomly.

The Brady and Spacious Tarot’s. Both Kickstarter’s BTW

I enjoyed getting to know the deck again, and exploring its takes and opinions. This month I’m working with the Spacious Tarot (a deck I sold without really using it, immediately regretted, and re-bought) for my daily #cardspell. It was very nearly the Brady Tarot and I was going to alternate between them. But then Tom Benjamin posted a #tbhallowsuite challenge on his instagram channel

Anyway, I’m stopping here, but I am posting my #tbhallowsuite readings on my Instagram account if you’re curious to see how that’s going.

More chat soon.

*Kelly’s Journey Tokens are the current only exception as they can be cast. Though the Oracle card version is more in my comfort zone.