Reading: Will My Parcel Arrive?

Before I share the reading, a little bit of background.

Yesterday, I was waiting for the post person to deliver a parcel. It was being tracked, so I knew it was out for delivery. My usual delivery time came and went but no parcel.

Then about 30 minutes later, I checked the tracking, which showed it had been delivered.

The photo evidence, however, was unclear. It showed neither the parcel nor a clear view of where it had been delivered.

I looked around and thought it might have been delivered to one of my neighbours, so I wasn’t too worried. But I pulled out my Lenormand deck in case it could give me some insight.

For my first reading, I asked:

Will my parcel get delivered today?

As per my post Experimental: Yes/No Questions Using Lenormand, I pulled two cards:

Lilies + Ring

My first thoughts were satisfaction + commitment, and these are both positive cards. At face value, this seems like a yes. But I wanted to check if my ‘satisfaction’ was going to come from the postal service, as they’d already delivered, or a neighbour, so I asked:

Will it be delivered by the postal service?

And pulled two more cards:

Stars and House from Blue Bird Lenormand
Stars + House

This time I saw connection + home and thought, ‘No, it’s going to be closer to home’, and I’d get the parcel from a local network. This led me to post on my local Facebook group and ask if anyone had my package.

No response. No parcel.

Reflecting on the cards, I considered that Lilies + Ring was positive, but maybe they meant more of a delayed satisfaction, which might explain why I didn’t have my parcel.

I was still hopeful of it’s arrival as both readings had positive cards, but I wasn’t sure if the Yes/No binary was working.

Late last night, wanting a clearer answer, I asked a non-Yes/No question:

What will happen with my parcel?

Flowers (Bouquet) + Child + Trouble

As you can see from the Post-it note, I interpreted this as gift + small + trouble. I was still optimistic that it would arrive after some trouble.

This morning I saw our regular post person, who I thought might have the parcel because Facebook had failed. Still no parcel, but they said they’d look into it.

Three hours later, they were back with my parcel in hand.

It had been delivered to the wrong house, as it had a label saying, ‘wrong address, please try again’.

I didn’t have a chance to ask how they’d recovered it, but it seems my ‘local network (Stars + House)’ was the source of my ‘delayed commitment (Lilies + Ring) and they delivered my ‘gift‘ after both they and the parcel went through a little ‘bit of trouble‘.